In this series, I’ll recap my 2018 goals and how I did each month.

April showers are over and in the words of JT, “It’s gonna be may.” Here’s my monthly review.

In April, I did very well in my health-related goals, but not so well in my other goals.

Here are my YTD results via my monthly Twitter update:


WHY: I want to feel good all the time, be able to support my loved ones now, and have the longevity to support them in the future.

2018 goals:

Eat a minimum of 1,400 servings of fruits and vegetables:

I ate 108 servings of fruits and veggies in March, averaging about 3.6 per day. This was slightly better than last month. I’ve still got my eye on the 4 servings per day mark, although I still feel pretty good on 3.5+ so I’m not really concerned about my current nutrition habits. I’ve cut down on the smoothies a bit, making one for every couple of days now and eating about half per day. As I mentioned last month, the salad chopper has helped me to build a pretty good salad-eating habit.

Get a minimum of 2,700 hours of sleep:

I slept for about 219 hours in April, averaging 7.3 hours per day. I started out the month strong, but then my sleep got worse towards the end of the month. In order to get this metric above 7.5 consistently, I really need to start sleeping more on the weekends, believe it or not. I know… the days I actually have time to sleep. I just naturally wake up earlier now, but I still go to bed a little later on the weekends. So, I either need to start going to bed earlier or start taking naps.

Get a minimum of 3.1 million steps:

I took over 290,000 steps in April, averaging nearly 9,700 per day. This was the best step month of the year for me so far. I also hit a million steps YTD, which was pretty cool. This was the first time I’ve actually tracked my steps throughout the year, so I didn’t really have a sense of how fast I’d actually get to 1 million. I credit lots of soccer and running for this. My 11v11 soccer season is nearly over, though, so I’ll need to work a bit harder to keep my steps up going into the summer.


WHY: I want to get stronger and fitter so I can look good, do athletic things, and maintain my physical health and well-being.

2018 goals:

Perform a minimum of 1,225 training sets:

I performed 128 workout sets this month, about 4.3 on average per day. This was well above my daily average target of 3.5 and my best training month so far. I was consistent in going to the gym and hit PRs on a few key exercises. Overall, I was very pleased with my training performance this month. I’ll be out of town a lot over the next few weeks, so keeping the training volume up will be a challenge.

Go for a minimum of 100 runs:

Sticking to my running schedule of running twice a week, I should have run 8 times in April and I ran 7 times. The only run I missed was the weekend I was at Disney World. Pretty good running month. My heart rate during my runs continues to decrease month over month. I also ran an official 10k in just over an hour. My eventual goal is to break 60 minutes on a 10k.

Do a minimum of 5,000 push ups:

I did 528 pushups in March vs. my goal of 600. As I mentioned last month, this goal is actually more of a mental training exercise than a physical one. I’ve kind of built a sub-habit of taking Sundays off of doing pushups (for no good reason) so once I address this, I should be back on track.

Personal Finance:

WHY: I want to provide wealth, security, and experiences for myself and my family. I want to be financially independent as early as possible because having total autonomy over my time will maximize my quality of life.

2018 goals:

Upload a minimum of 350 designs to Merch by Amazon:

Good news on the Merch front! I was tiered up to 500 designs, which means I can upload at will again. I’ve been given 25 uploads per day, which will be nearly impossible to hit consistently unless I focus all my free time on Merch, so I’m shooting for 5 designs per week right now. The rate has slowed because I’ve stopped outsourcing designs for now. I just wasn’t seeing the ROI on it. I uploaded 20 designs to MBA in April, but I got really distracted towards the end of the month on a new website project.


WHY: I want to share my best ideas and build a strong personal brand.

2018 goals:

Write a minimum of 125,000 words:

I wrote 10,034 words this month vs. my target of 10,710. Not bad. I haven’t written much on Quora at all and as you can see, very little on the blog as well. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot more writing for my new website. I’d say at least half of my words this month have come directly from that. I’ll provide more updates on this throughout the year.

Write another book:

The book draft is finished and I’m now on the editing process. Again, I’ve been distracted from this project by my new website, but I’m still determined to publish the book later this year.

Publish a minimum of 365 Instagram posts:

I published 43 Instagram posts between my two accounts this month. I’m really questioning whether I want to continue putting effort into Instagram. The thought of building a massive following is appealing, but again, it seems like something I’d have to focus all my free time on to make it happen. So, I’m not sure where I want to go with this goal at the moment.

That’s all for this month’s update. Until next time, keep crushing your goals!


First published on Quora.



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