In this series, I’ll recap my 2018 goals and how I did each month.

March is in the books. Here’s my monthly review.

Performance wise, March was my best month of the year so far in a couple of goals and my worst in others. That’s how it goes, I guess.

Here are my YTD results via my monthly Twitter update:


WHY: I want to feel good all the time, be able to support my loved ones now, and have the longevity to support them in the future.

2018 goals:

Eat a minimum of 1,400 servings of fruits and vegetables:

I ate 107 servings of fruits and veggies in March, averaging about 3.5 per day. This was slightly below my daily average for January and February and below my daily target of 4 servings, so I didn’t improve. Despite my numbers this month, I am still optimistic that I will get to 4 servings per day. I was on vacation for a week and ate very few fruits and veggies for a few days, so that skewed my numbers down. This month, I also added a new tool to my arsenal to help bump up my daily average: a salad chopper. I love to eat chopped salads, so I’m now using this nifty tool to make a couple of big ass chopped Italian salads per week which has helped my bottom line.

Get a minimum of 2,700 hours of sleep:

I slept for about 233 hours in March, averaging 7.5 hours per day. The good news is that I finally hit my target of 7.5 hours. The bad news is that a lot of this was due to my week of vacation when I was consistently sleeping 8–9 hours a night. I can’t count on being on vacation to get my sleep all the time, so I still need to work on this area. I know I probably sound like a broken record, but I need to keep reminding myself. Go to bed early. Go to bed early. Go to bed early.

Get a minimum of 3.1 million steps:

I took about 285,000 steps in March, averaging over 9,200 per day. This was well above my daily target of 8,500 steps and an improvement from both January and February. As I mentioned last month, playing 11v11 soccer has helped my step count. On the days I play, it’s not uncommon for me to get double my daily step goal of 8,500. Overall, I feel good about how well I’ve built this habit up over the last couple of years.


WHY: I want to get stronger and fitter so I can look good, do athletic things, and maintain my physical health and well-being.

2018 goals:

Perform a minimum of 1,225 training sets:

I performed 85 workout sets this month, about 2.7 on average per day. This was below my daily average target of 3.5. I took a full week off of training this month while I was on vacation. Otherwise, I would have been right there. Not too disappointed in this because I didn’t really lose any strength when I returned. I also added hex bar deadlifts to my routine after about 15 years of stubbornly refusing to do any kind of deadlifting. So, that was positive. I’m focused on having a good training month in April to get ready for summer.

Go for a minimum of 100 runs:

Sticking to my running schedule of running twice a week, I should have run 9 times in March and I ran 6 times. Not a very good conversion rate, but again, I was on vacation and wasn’t about to run in the snow in London (although some of the locals were). On a positive note, I did complete the Gate River Run 15k race in just under a 11 minute mile pace, which was faster than I had run that distance in a few years.

Do a minimum of 5,000 push ups:

I did 501 pushups in March vs. my goal of 620. I know this goal isn’t a huge priority, but I still think there are really no excuses to miss days. This goal is actually more of a mental training exercise than a physical one and I fell off the push up wagon while I was on vacation for a week. Opportunity to improve.

Personal Finance:

WHY: I want to provide wealth, security, and experiences for myself and my family. I want to be financially independent as early as possible because having total autonomy over my time will maximize my quality of life.

2018 goals:

Upload a minimum of 350 designs to Merch by Amazon:

I uploaded only 7 designs to MBA in March, but once again, I was maxed out on my tier with 100 designs and was unable to upload any new designs for the majority of the month. I did have a better sales month in March. I feel like my momentum with this goal has cooled off a bit, but I will work to get back into a groove once I am tiered up to 500 designs and have the ability to upload daily again.


WHY: I want to share my best ideas and build a strong personal brand.

2018 goals:

Write a minimum of 125,000 words:

I wrote 8,310 words this month vs. my target of 11,067. Not my strongest writing month. I’ve really kind of hit a writing block on Quora. I don’t want to blame the new feed, but I really have struggled to find questions that I am excited to answer. Instead, I spent more time working on my new book project this month, which I anticipate will continue in April.

Write another book:

See above. I’ve got over 20,000 words written on my draft for my new book project so far. I’m still not ready to reveal the topic. Right now, I’m debating whether to make it one book or a two-book series. My plan is to have the drafts written by the end of June and spend the second half of the year focused on launching.

Publish a minimum of 365 Instagram posts:

I published 53 Instagram posts between my two accounts. This is another goal I feel like I’ve lost some steam on. My writing IG account got to over 300 followers, but then I lost about 40 of them in a week when I failed to post. Meanwhile, my merch IG account has been growing slowly, but steadily. It’s interesting to see the difference in the two accounts – one very broad and the other very niche. My conclusion so far is that building a following on a broader account is more difficult.

That’s all for this month’s update. Until next time, keep crushing your goals!


First published on Quora.



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