In this series, I’ll recap my 2018 goals and how I did each month.

February is in the books. Here’s my monthly review.

When I look back on this month, not much stands out as really great or really terrible. I did well in some areas and not so great in others, but I kept chugging along.

Here are my YTD results via my monthly Twitter update:


WHY: I want to feel good all the time, be able to support my loved ones now, and have the longevity to support them in the future.

2018 goals:

Eat a minimum of 1,400 servings of fruits and vegetables:

I ate 103 servings of fruits and veggies in February, averaging about 3.7 per day. This was exactly the same daily average as January and below my daily target of 4 servings, so I didn’t improve. Breaking into the 4+ daily average servings is turning out to be fairly challenging, but I think some small tweaks, particularly on the weekends, should get me there.

Get a minimum of 2,700 hours of sleep:

I slept for about 194 hours in February, averaging about 6.9 hours per day. This was well below my daily target of 7.5 hours and the area that needs the most improvement. It didn’t help that the Winter Olympics were on and so I tended to stay up a bit later than usual watching, but that’s still not a good excuse. I had patches this month when I only slept 5–6 hours a night for a few nights in a row and I felt noticeably worse during these periods.

I’ve noticed also that I’ve kind of lost my ability to sleep in on the weekend. I just naturally wake up around 7am no matter what time I go to bed. So, if I don’t get to bed at a reasonable hour on the weekends, I’m likely going to get less sleep. So right now, I’m making a conscious effort to get to bed earlier every day of the week.

Get a minimum of 3.1 million steps:

I took about 245,000 steps in February, averaging about 8,737 per day. This was above my daily target of 8,500 steps and a significant improvement from January. Playing soccer in two leagues and ramping up my 15k training contributed to more steps. The soccer will continue through March, but the running might taper off a bit after the 15k on 3/10.


WHY: I want to get stronger and fitter so I can look good, do athletic things, and maintain my physical health and well-being.

2018 goals:

Perform a minimum of 1,225 training sets:

I performed 92 workout sets this month, about 3.3 on average. Same as January. I just need to push out a few more training sets each week to hit this goal. As I mentioned last month, even though I’m setting a weekly target of 25 sets for training, I find it helpful to evaluate this goal against a daily average target of 3.5.

Go for a minimum of 100 runs:

Sticking to my running schedule of running twice a week, I should have run 8 times in February and I ran 7. This was good and I’m pretty happy with my consistency in sticking to my weekly running schedule. Really the only times I’ve missed runs have been when I was out of town during the weekend. The weather is warming up, which is making it easier to get outside and run, so I expect this to continue.

Do a minimum of 5,000 push ups:

I did 545 pushups in February vs. my goal of 560. It looks like I may have only missed one day the entire month, which is good. This is a pretty simple habit to keep up and I’m actually trying to gradually increase my daily output from 20 to 21 in February and maybe up to 30 or so by the end of the year. I find it helpful to nail down consistency first, though, before trying to increase output.

Personal Finance:

WHY: I want to provide wealth, security, and experiences for myself and my family. I want to be financially independent as early as possible because having total autonomy over my time will maximize my quality of life.

2018 goals:

Upload a minimum of 350 designs to Merch by Amazon:

I uploaded 29 designs in February, which is less than my “unofficial” target of 2 per day, but this is because for a good part of the month, I was maxed out on my tier with 100 designs and was unable to upload any new designs. I’m happy about this result because I uploaded just about as many designs as I could.

What’s been a little frustrating is that the sales have not followed. I thought for sure with 100 designs available, I’d be making around $100 per month, but I’m still only selling a few designs per month and making around $20-$25. This tells me that I need to improve the quality and promotion of my designs.


WHY: I want to share my best ideas and build a strong personal brand.

2018 goals:

Write a minimum of 125,000 words:

I wrote 10,275 words this month vs. my target of 9,996. I’ll take any 10,000 word month, so I’m happy with this result.

Write another book:

I’ve officially started working on the first draft of my next book. That’s all I’m going to say about that. I won’t reveal the topic yet, but I’m excited about it because I think it has the potential to help a very specific niche of people who are like me.

Publish a minimum of 365 Instagram posts:

I published 60 Instagram posts between my two accounts that I’m working on growing and both have grown. I have over 260 followers on my writing account now and I believe I started the year around 100. I’m excited to see if I can reach 1,000 followers by the end of the year.

That’s all for this month’s update. Until next time, keep crushing your goals!


First published on Quora.



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