What kind of people intrigue you?

The people who intrigue me the most are those who are very healthy, financially successful, and have a great family life.

I consider these to be the three pillars of a great life.

There are plenty of people who have one of the three. It’s easy to devote your life to your career or to your family or to fitness and ignore everything else.

Two of the three are more impressive. I know a few people who are very successful and in peak physical condition or in peak physical condition with a great family or very successful with a great family life.

But rarely do I see people who have mastered the trifecta. This is truly impressive and intriguing.

How many CEOs do you know who are in excellent shape and have a great family life? They are like unicorns.

There is one person I can think of off the top of my head who appears to have it all.

Pat Flynn, the creator of Smart Passive Income runs a very successful online business which currently makes over $2 million per year.[1]

He is also a very fit and healthy guy. He eats well. He has a morning routine that includes meditation and exercise[2]. He runs half marathons. He’s a lot faster than me too (I looked up his time once). He even does triathlons.

He loves his family and when I say loves I mean really LOVES. He has stated many times on his blog and podcast that his family is his number one priority and I believe him.

He walks the walk… literally. One thing I remember him saying he was grateful for was that his flexible schedule as an entrepreneur allows him to walk his son to school every morning.

But the kicker is that BOTH he and his wife walked their son to school every morning together.

This isn’t just a product of being an entrepreneur with a flexible schedule. It’s a product of being a SUCCESSFUL entrepreneur who can work from home to AND afford for his wife to stay home so that they can all spend more time together as a family.

He went on to say that he and his wife were the only parents in the school who were able to do this as a couple. I’ll never forget this.

I live right next to the grade school in my neighborhood and I observe the parents in my own surroundings. None of them are walking their kids to school together. It’s either one or the other or the nanny or the kids go by themselves.

This is why what Pat has achieved with his work and family life is so rare. All I can think about is how I would love to be able to walk my kid to school with my wife someday and how amazing that would feel.

On top of all this, Pat has somehow managed to build a business that doesn’t just serve him and his family, but thousands of other aspiring entrepreneurs.

He has a postcard wall in his office filled with thank you cards from all the people he has helped.

So, Pat – congrats to you and all your success. You have truly exemplified the ultimate lifestyle worth shooting for.


[1] My December 2017 Monthly Income Report

[2] A Typical Day (and the Productivity Tools I Use)

First published on Quora.




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