This is my 2017 goals update through November.

I thought it would be a good idea for me to do a monthly recap of my 2017 goals to help keep me accountable throughout the year.

I’m posting updates like this on Twitter every week or two, but these blog posts can serve as more of a detailed review of how I think things went. Hopefully, it will benefit some readers as well.

To recap:

I have three personal goals for 2017:

  • Health: Eat a minimum of 1,100 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Fitness: Complete 100 workouts minimum
  • Writing: Write and publish a minimum of 350 answers or blog posts on Quora

I wrote about these goals in more detail in this blog post.

11/30/17 update: Here is what I’ve accomplished so far in 2017:

  • Health: 1,191 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Fitness: 859 sets (approximately 98 workouts)
  • Writing: 200 something posts, over 100k words

Okay, so obviously, I got a little frustrated and did not publish a monthly goals update for September or October. Clearly, I’ve also changed things up with my goals. But I figure it’s better to get these changes on paper than not.

I stopped tracking my number of workouts and Quora posts because I decided these weren’t the best metrics to use. I can go to the gym and do two sets and call that a workout or write a one-word Quora answer that’s probably not very useful. Instead, I’m now tracking workout sets and written words because I feel like these are better.

I’ve managed to estimate workout sets for the entire year, but I’ve lost track on the number of words I’ve written this year in total. I know it’s over 100,000, which I’m happy with, and I’m tracking my written words daily now as of this week, whether they are on Quora, my blog, or somewhere else (e.g., working on a book).

So this month’s review is really just a recap of where I’m at now. I’ll have updated goals and a better tracking system at the end of the month heading into next year.

Here are my thoughts on each goal:


I hit my goal for the year with more than a month to go. Woohoo! Of everything I’ve worked on this year, I’m most proud of my progress in my diet, considering last year, I barely ate a couple of servings of veggies per day. Now, I’m eating around 4.

I still have days when I slip up and eat zero, but those are few and far between.


As of August, I had done 73 workouts. I’ll estimate (based on sets), that I’ve completed another 25 since then. So, as long as I workout a couple of times in December, I’ll hit my initial goal.

However, as I mentioned, I’m shifting focus away from sessions and towards volume, since this is really what matters for muscle gain, which is what I’m going for.


So far, I know I’ve written over 200 posts this year and well over 100,000 words, since I had already hit that number back in August. After I published my second book, I had a period of a couple of months when I wasn’t really sure which direction to go with my writing.

I’m still not sure, but I’ve decided it’s more important to somehow just write consistently and see what happens. I’m going back to my roots of writing on Quora since that’s where I get the most views and republishing my answers on Instagram, trying to grow my following there.

Right now, my informal goal is 2,100 words per week, or about 300 per day, on average. I think I will increase that to 2,500 per week next year, which would be about 130,000 words total for the year.

Other things I have going on:

Instead of writing about these things now, I’ll save them for my year-end annual review blog post, since I have a few things I’d like to recap over the past few months and a few more things that are currently on my mind for next year.

That’s all for this month. Keep grinding and working on your goals (even if you get derailed and question what you’re doing for a couple of months)!

First published on Quora.



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