What is something you have never done?

I’ve never been skydiving.

I was in Vegas for my friend’s bachelor party and a few people went.

I chickened out.

I have no desire to jump out of a plane. Ever.

I’ve never bungee jumped.

Again with the jumping off tall things. No thanks.

I’ve never been scuba diving or surfing.

I’ve told people I’d like to try these things during small talk, but I lied.

I live 15 minutes from the ocean, but I don’t really do things in the water.

I’ve never done anything thrill-seeking.

I don’t want an adrenaline rush.

I don’t even like crazy roller coasters. I’ll go on the children’s ones. But even some of those are too intense.

I’ve never gone camping or done outdoorsy stuff.

Not my thing.

I’d rather stay in a nice hotel.

I’ve never done an obstacle race or Spartan race or tough mudder or anything that involves running through mud.

I’ve never done one of those color runs either where they spray you with paint.

Not my idea of fun.

I’ve never eaten an insect.

I love food, but I hate insects.

I’ve been to five of the seven continents.

I’ve never been to Australia or Antarctica.

I would like to visit Australia. I have no desire to visit Antarctica.

I hate the cold.

I’ve never made a million dollars.

I hope to someday.

My wife asks me every day if I made a million dollars at work. I always disappointingly say no.

Every time I talk to my grandpa, he asks, “Where’s my million dollars?” I tell him, “I don’t have it yet.”

I’ve never flown first class.

Maybe after I make a million dollars.

There are a few things I’ve never done and want to do, but there are many more things I haven’t done and never want to do.

First published on Quora.

Featured image by Filipe Dos Santos Mendes.

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