I love writing and I want to start doing it every day, but I don’t know what to write about. What are some suggestions?

Writing every day is tough and you WILL struggle with it, but there are a few things you can do when you don’t know what to write about.

Here are some suggestions that have helped me:

Check your Quora feed and answer requests.

On Quora, I follow a few topics I’m interested in that I know about and dozens of questions on these topics pop up in my feed each time I log on.

Quora has been really helpful to me not just because it gives me writing ideas and an easy way to deliver them, but also because it motivates me to write.

When I see a question on Quora, I know there’s a real person behind that question.

I used to find it difficult to write blog posts because I wasn’t sure if anyone would read them and if they did, maybe they wouldn’t get anything useful out of it. This is really demotivating.

With Quora, when you answer a question you can be confident that you are helping at least ONE person: the person who asked it. And it’s very likely you are helping many more people than that, perhaps thousands more.

As you write more on Quora, people will begin to request answers to specific questions from you.

To me, this is also really motivating because it gives me a strong purpose to write knowing with 100% confidence that I am reaching someone with information that is relevant to them.

But sometimes, Quora doesn’t quite do it for me. I’ll scroll through my feed and not find anything I REALLY want to answer.

If that happens…

Check your Feedly.

Feedly is a RSS feed of blogs that you can sign up for.

Like subscribing to topics on Quora, you can subscribe to blogs on Feedly and the latest articles from these blogs will show up in your feed.

I’m currently subscribed to about 20 blogs that I really enjoy ranging from health and fitness and self-development to marketing and psychology. I scan probably 100 headlines a week and read 20–30 blog posts per week.

Of these, there are usually at least one or two articles that really blow me away.

I bookmark these and when I have nothing to write about on a given day, I’ll come back to one of these articles and write about it.

This always works because it’s easy to write about something that blows you away and resonates with you.

If that doesn’t work…

Write a review.

Think about a book or news article you read, movie you watched, podcast you listened to, or product you used that had a big impact on your life.

Have you visited an incredible place or eaten at an amazing restaurant recently?

Write about your experience with it.

And if that doesn’t work…

Write about a quote you heard or a conversation you had with someone that really struck a chord with you.

Between all of these, you should be able to find at least one thing to write about every day. And that’s all you need.

One thing.

Good luck!

First published on Quora.

Featured image by Aidan Meyer.

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