What is your review of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain?

This book is not just for introverts.

Of course, if you’re an introvert and want to better understand why you are wired the way you are, how to navigate certain social situations, and how to uncover your hidden strengths, then you should read this book.

But I would also recommend the book to extroverts who want to better understand the introverted people in their lives.

In fact, Quiet may be just as eye-opening to an extroverted spouse with an introverted partner, an extroverted parent to an introverted child, or an extroverted boss to an introverted employee.

It’s clear that a ton of research went into this book.

The message that introverts are highly undervalued in many arenas such as prestigious business schools and top companies is a bold one. But Susan not only backs this up with real examples, she takes it a step further and demonstrates how this ultimately proves to be a disadvantage to these institutions.

The breadth and depth of knowledge that Susan communicates on the subject of introversion is incredible. But what’s even more impressive is that she communicates it in a way that makes the introverted reader feel understood and inspired to take action.

The storytelling is what makes the book great.

Susan’s ability to craft these gripping mini-tales to set the context for each interview and encounter is what I enjoyed the most.

Susan also brings in her own personal stories about her previous cutthroat career in law, attending a Tony Robbins seminar, and taking a public speaking course. These stories add even more flavor to the book and allow all readers to view these extrovert-oriented situations through the lens of an introvert.

I give this book five stars and my highest recommendation.

There aren’t many books that have the power to change millions of lives and society as a whole for the better, but this is one of them.

Quiet had a huge impact on me, personally, and I wrote about many of the key takeaways I got from it in this post.

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