I have 2-3 hours free time after work, instead of Social Media or YouTube videos, how can I spend it wisely?

Things that are helpful for me whether in business, health or anything.

Here are my suggestions on how to spend 2–3 hours after work wisely.

40–60 minutes on exercise:

Join a gym and get on a good weightlifting program. Make sure you are progressing on key lifts every week and you will get stronger. This will pay dividends as you get older because it will help prevent the natural muscle loss that occurs with aging which can cause serious injuries later in life.

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to a gym or prefer not to lift weights, you can also benefit from a good bodyweight training routine.

Do some form of strength training three times a week and on your off days, walk for 45 minutes.

40–60 minutes on a creative side hustle:

This should be something unrelated to your job that has potential to bring in extra money. I’m not talking about a second job, though. It should be something you love. Something that you’d do for free. Something creative.

There’s an incredible sense of satisfaction you gain from earning extra money on the side doing something you love. For me, that something is writing. For someone else, it might be graphic design or photography.

You can get really good at any craft if you practice for a few hours a week and stick with it for a year or longer. But in order to stick with something that long, long enough to get good, you have to love it.

40–60 minutes cooking a healthy dinner:

This is a two-fold investment.

First, cooking is an incredibly useful skill to learn. You don’t have to be Wolfgang Puck or some fancy chef. I don’t consider myself a great cook, but I can buy some simple ingredients (lean meats, veggies, potatoes) and make a few dishes that are really healthy and taste good.

Second, it’s a big-time investment in your long-term health eating a nutritious dinner every weeknight. If you are cooking for a spouse or family, it’s an even bigger win because you are impacting the lives of other people you love and care about.

If you start doing these three things every weekday after work instead of spending time on TV or social media, I guarantee you will significantly improve your life.

I have a similar amount of free time after work and this is exactly how I try to spend it every day.

Featured image by Khusen Rustamov.

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