What are some things that are really worth spending extra money on?

Here are three things really worth spending extra money on.

Labor (that you don’t enjoy):

Any job requires labor and you can either do it yourself for free or pay someone to do it for you.

In many cases, it’s worth spending the extra money on labor because 1) you can spend the time it frees up on other things you enjoy more and 2) there are other people who may do a better job than you.

In this post, I revealed why I’d rather spend money on services like house cleaning and virtual assistants than spend my time doing the things that they do, even though I can.

Outsourcing unenjoyable tasks, if you can afford it, is probably the best way to spend extra money because it gives you something you can never get back: time.

Personal development:

I’m not talking about school or formal education. This may or may not be worth extra money depending on what field you want to pursue and what your career aspirations are.

I’m talking about investing in yourself and spending money on training that will improve your life in a specific way, such as building a new skill in order to start a side business.

If you want to become a photographer, it’s worth buying a course or program that will help you to develop that skill. Once you become good enough, you can start charging people and the program will pay for itself.


When it comes to food, you can buy cheap food, or you can spend a little more on higher quality food.

Spending extra money on better food is always worth it because every time you do this, you’re making a small investment in your health which will pay off in the long run.

This is true not just in terms of quality of life, but also financially because you will lower your risk of having serious medical problems.

In this post, I talk about some more specific items, in addition to food, that you may consider paying more for even though there are cheaper options available.

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